Mt. Elgin Minwaa Deshkan Ziibiing.
Mt. Elgin Building
Mt. Elgin School Building Photo
View of where Mt. Elgin stood from the river
The Mt. Elgin Residential School Survivor Working Group
Verna Johnson and Vivian Johnson, 2 young girls who attended Mt. Elgin Residential School
2012 Wreaths for the Monument of Mt. Elgin
Female students sitting on the steps of Mt. Elgin
Mt. Elgin boys working in the fields.
2 girls carrying the banner for Mt. Elgin School
View of the only surviving building from the Mt. Elgin Residential School, The Horse Barn
The students of Mt. Elgin standing at attention
Children Drum group at the 2012 Monument Unveiling
Female Speaker at the 2012 Monument unveiling
Indigenous Flag barriers at the 2012 unveiling of the Monument
A male speaker at the 2012 Monument Unveiling
Horse Barn from Mt. Elgin, located near the Monument.
School photo of students in 1946
The hogs of Mt. Elgin Residential School
Girls and Boys of Mt. Elgin sitting in a large group photo
Group photo of Mt. Elgin Boys posing against the school
Group of 8 young girls posing at Mt. Elgin against the side of the school
Graffiti within the horse barn from a boy named Hughie in 1918
Monument Statue for the children. Designed and created by Nancy, a survivor from Mt. Elgin
The Monument Unveiling from 2012
A group of onlookers awaiting the monument to be revealed
Awaiting the unveiling of the monument, the crowd circles it.
Banner stating "Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Remember Reconcile, Rejoice, June 20 - 21 2012
Gathering in 2012 at the unveiling of the Monument dedicated to the students
Dreamcatcher made for Every Child Matters & September 30th
Staff of Mt. Elgin posing with a horse and buggy
Cattle at Mt. Elgin Residential School
Group of girls posing for group photo from Mt. Elgin
Beekeepers of Mt. Elgin
Three young girls posing
Graffiti from 1985 from a student named George Stanley Allan
Gathering in 2013 at the Children's Monument Statue
A growing crowd at the unveiling of the monument dedicated to the students.
Parade of children going to pay respects at the monument unveiling
Traditional dancers and friends/family awaiting the unveiling
Speaker at the 2012 Monument Unveiling.
Mount Elgin Student Pictures from 52-53
2 of the dreamcatchers done to honour those who went to Mt. Elgin